Multimedia Android IOS Box For BMW 2018-2023 | Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

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Tired of the same old drive? Enjoy your journey with the MMB Multimedia Android Box for BMW!

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[su_spoiler title=”Suitable For BMW 2018-2023″ style=”fancy”] Only BMW carplay models are supported.
Unavailable : 2 Series 7-seat, 24 X1, 118i[/su_spoiler]




The MMB Multimedia Android iOS Box for BMW is packed with features that enhance your in-car entertainment and connectivity:

  • Android 10.0 Operating System: Enjoy the full functionality of Android 10.0, including access to a wide array of apps and services (Productboard).
  • Compatibility: Designed for BMW models from 2018 to 2023, this box integrates seamlessly with your existing system.
  • Dual OS Support: Whether you use iOS or Android, this multimedia box works with both, providing a versatile platform for all users.
  • Easy Installation: The plug-and-play feature allows for quick and easy setup by connecting directly to the CarPlay USB port in your BMW.
  • App Integration: Use your favorite navigation, music, and communication apps on your car’s display for a safer and more convenient drive.
  • Entertainment Options: Stream videos, listen to music, and even play games right from your dashboard.
  • Smartphone Mirroring: Mirror your smartphone’s screen to the car’s display for expanded access to your device’s capabilities.

This multimedia box is designed to deliver a superior in-car experience, offering both functionality and convenience for BMW owners.

Supported models: BMW models with factory carplay. Currently unsupported models: 2 Series 7-Seat, 24 X1, 118i


Why can’t the device use WiFi to access the internet and why does it only support SIM internet access

Received the limitation of BMW vehicle system, at present, only can use SIM for Internet access, does not support SIM Internet access.

What is the BMW AI Box Wireless Multimedia Carplay Adapter?The BMW AI Box is a plug-and-play device that upgrades your BMW’s factory wired or wireless CarPlay to a more advanced system, allowing for additional features such as app downloads from the Google Play Store, streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and internet access via a 4G SIM card.
Which BMW models are compatible with the BMW AI Box?The BMW AI Box is designed to work with any BMW model that comes with factory wireless CarPlay. This includes a range of BMW models; please consult the product description or your vehicle’s manual to check for compatibility.
Can I use the BMW AI Box with my iPhone or Android phone?Yes, the BMW AI Box is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, as long as your BMW supports factory wireless CarPlay.
How do I install the BMW AI Box in my car?The BMW AI Box is designed for easy installation with a plug-and-play setup. Simply connect the device to your car’s original USB port designated for CarPlay.
Do I need a separate internet connection for the BMW AI Box?The BMW AI Box supports internet access through a 4G SIM card only. You do not need to use your phone’s hotspot or Wi-Fi connection once the SIM card is inserted into the device.
Can I download apps directly onto the BMW AI Box?Yes, you can download apps directly from the Google Play Store onto the BMW AI Box thanks to its Android 10.0 system.
What kind of storage does the BMW AI Box have?The BMW AI Box comes with 64GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM. It also supports an external TF card for additional storage up to 256GB.
Does the BMW AI Box support navigation apps?Yes, the BMW AI Box supports navigation apps and comes with pre-embedded GPS, GLONASS, and BEIDOU positioning systems. It also features a smart split-screen function that allows you to watch videos while navigating.
How is the BMW AI Box controlled?You can control the BMW AI Box using your vehicle’s OEM touch function, controller, or buttons.
What are the technical specifications of the BMW AI Box’s system?The BMW AI Box runs on a customized Android system powered by an 8-core MediaTek 6765 processor with a 12nm process and a 2.3GHz main frequency. It supports the 4G GSM frequency band and comes with Bluetooth V5.0.
Is the BMW AI Box certified?Yes, the BMW AI Box has undergone certification and testing and holds CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications.
Why can’t I download the software?

1: Please confirm whether to use SIM to access the Internet? 2: Please confirm whether the software cannot be downloaded due to insufficient content capacity. 3: Please test downloading the software through traffic and install it. If there is no problem, then there may be a problem with the Google Store software. It is recommended that you use the browser to download the update package of the Google Store to update. 4: You can use apkpure software to install.

The Downloaded Software No Longer Exists After Restarting

Because The System Automatically Disables The Software You Downloaded, You Can Turn Off The Disable Option Of The Software In The Device’s Engineering Mode To Resume Normal Use.

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