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Apple Carplay Not Working And How To Fix It

Apple CarPlay has gained popularity in just a couple of years due to its hands-free operation during driving. This infotainment device helps you to access your phone on a bigger display without getting distracted. You can simply use voice commands and get your work done. 

No matter if you want to make calls or reply to messages with the help of dictation, you will be able to do everything while you pay attention on the road. But, what if it all stops working suddenly? How do we fix it? If you are wondering the same, then you have come to the right place. 

In this article we are going to discuss how to fix an Apple Carplay device. First of all, we need to look at several reasons that cause Apple CarPlay to stop working. 

Why Does Apple CarPlay Stop Working?

There could be many reasons for the infotainment device not working, even though it was working completely fine a few minutes back. For instance:

  1. Your device might require iOS update
  2. There could be an integration issue within applications
  3. The device might not be compatible with your vehicle
  4. Your phone would have not been detected by the system

How To Fix These Problems

Before you do anything, Quickly check if the system is compatible with your vehicle so that you don’t have to go through all these steps. Sometimes the system can be compatible in a specific region, so also have a look at that. For example, US and Canada CarPlay doesn’t work in other regions while other regions CarPlay devices will not work in the United States or Canada. 

#1 Check if iPhone has enabled CarPlay

Open settings of your iPhone and go to the general tab to see if CarPlay is connected or not. If it is connected, then you should also check if the screen time has gone off. For this, you can visit Settings, go to the Screen Time option, click on Content & Privacy Restrictions and then “Allowed Apps,” where you can enable CarPlay.

#2 Enable Siri from Settings

There might be a possibility that your voice command feature might have turned off automatically. You can simply go to settings and click on Siri & Search to enable this option. Click on the “allowed when locked” option.

#3 Change Lock Settings

In the similar way,  you can change the lock settings so that you can also use CarPlay when your phone is locked. Simply go to the setting, hit on the General option and then go to CarPlay. The toggle option will pop-up a question as shown below. Allow it and you are good to go!

#4 Check USB Cable

If you are using a wired connection, then you should check if the USB cable has been connected properly. Also, make sure that you are using an original wire for the same. If you have not purchased this USB cable from an Apple store then you can try a different aftermarket cable, which might fix the problem. 

#5 Make Sure It’s Correct Port

Make sure that the port you are using to connect the USB cable is the correct one as many modern vehicles might provide you with various USB ports. Try changing the ports and it will fix the issue. 

#6 Disable Airplane Mode

Sometimes the phone goes on airplane mode because of which the infotainment system stops working. Check the airplane mode of your iPhone and it will fix the problem. 

#7 Bluetooth Connection

If your iPhone’s bluetooth connection is off then it will automatically disconnect the system if you are connected wirelessly. It is also recommended to remove all the unused Bluetooth connections as sometimes even old connections can also interfere with the new one. 

#8 Restart Your Phone

After checking all above, if your system is not working, then you can simply restart your iPhone. As soon as you turn on your iPhone again, it should remove all the errors and work smoothly again.

#9 Update iOS

Sometimes there might be a software issue that is not allowing your media device to get connected with your phone. In this case,  you can simply check if the operating system of a mobile phone has been updated. 

#10 Disable and Enable Connection

You can disable the connection and forget the device completely from your mobile phone. Then once again we establish the connection by going to the settings and clicking on the CarPlay as you did the first time to connect it. This should fix your problem.


In conclusion, the above-mentioned solutions can help you to solve your Apple CarPlay problem with ease. However if you still find any difficulty then you can simply get connected with Apple Support. 

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